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Developers of plugin applications for Revit®, AutoCAD®, and BricsCAD®

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Accelerate BIM delivery processes

content plugin for Revit®

Streamline Your BIM Workflow

Available in three versions:

BIMflow Free: Providing essential content, resources and tools to enhance your BIM workflow without additional expense.

BIMflow: Comprehensive BIM solution offering a rich library of Revit content families and efficiency-boosting tools.

BIMflow Pro: Fully customizable BIM solution tailored to your needs, branding options and additional warehouses to manage your internal company content, easily optimize your workflow.

content plugin for AutoCAD® & BricsCAD®

Design Smarter with CADflow

Available in three versions:

CADflow Free: Get started with essential CAD tools, perfect for small practices and students. A complete CAD system, annotate, control layers, and access parametric CAD content.

CADflow: Elevate your CAD design with comprehensive annotation library, a complete layering system, an extensive library of architectural content and more.

CADflow Pro: Offers advanced customization options, including branded ribbons, your company layering system, personalised content libraries and more. Achieve unmatched precision and efficiency in your CAD projects

Client Testimonials

"Finally we have a centralised system for our Revit families and products we use daily"
Dan Smith
Digital Lead, Noviun Architects

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"Consistency and quality of data is significantly better"
Rupert Culvert
Project Director, Darling associates Architects

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Case Study

"It’s absolutely spectacular"
Andy McKechnie
Technical Director, Stofix

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